Melanie Sheridan is an alleged writer and an accredited editor. And a warning (along with ‘uncle’, ‘shellfish’ and ‘trifecta’) in the instructions for the XV-430 Digital Camera’s VoiceTag™ feature. She has been mistaken for a pilot in the US Air Force, a boy and a Jewish lady (twice).

Currently publications editor at the Melbourne International Film Festival, she previously worked at the Australian Jewish News, editing magazines and newspaper sections on education, food, health, fashion, books and technology. She has written for and edited music magazines, art & craft magazines, wedding magazines and city lifestyle magazines; she has taught editing to postgraduates at university and to students at further education centres; she continues to write freelance fawnalism, mainly so she can have an excuse to embarrass herself in front of rock stars.

As the current co-editor of the Society of Editors (Victoria) newsletter, she lives in perpetual fear of Muphry. (Should that be Society of Editors’ (Victoria) newsletter? Is it possessive: the newsletter owned by the Society of Editors; or descriptive: a newsletter about the Society of Editors? Or both?)

She is somewhat obsessively fond of cheesymite scrolls, watching Sam Rockwell dance, writing about herself in the third person in ‘About’ sections of embryonic blogs  and not using the Oxford comma if it’s not required for clarity.

She spends a bit too much time on Twitter.

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  1. Anna Kelsey-Sugg

    March 14, 2012

    Hi Melanie, I’m the editor of the Writers Victoria’s monthly mag, The Victorian Writer.
    I’d like to include your tweet, “English has a word for ‘fourth from last’ (preantepenultimate) and ’64th note’ (hemidemisemiquaver) but not for ‘the day after tomorrow’.” as a “tweet of the month” in our April magazine. Would you be ok with this? We’d mail you out two copies of the magazine in return.
    I’ll look forward to hearing back!
    Anna – editor@writersvictoria.org.au


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