Future Of The Left: Corner Hotel, January 8th 2010.

Posted on January 10, 2010


The subtitle for this ‘review’ is Maybe it’s an old cliché, but sometimes things are better left expected: or, why the fuck are you talking about asparagus piss with Andy Falkous?!

No, seriously. He was very polite and chatted on, pretending he didn’t think I had some form of mental deficiency, bless*. Later, during the gig, he said relatively little however. Coincidence? I think not! Clearly his encounter with a heat-struck, star-struck simpleton left him appalled and speechless. Sorry about that!

Fauxlipsism aside, there were expectations on this show. Expectations from the fans, thanks to a cancelled tour a year earlier; and expectations from the band, thanks to the city’s reputation for giving good gig. It’s no secret Future Of The Left cite Melbourne as one of the few cities in the world that gets the band, and we have given Falco the biggest headline shows of both his known bands’ lives; this show, in particular, was one of the few that looked to sell out well in advance, he said in November. So, yes. There were expectations.

Were they met? Look, there’s no doubt it was a killer show, despite the uncivilised heat of the day and the technical problems said heat ‘purportedly’ caused the keyboard, which in turn caused the abortion of Manchasm (in the end, no terrible thing as it effectively gave us one and a half renditions of Mr Foley and his correctness). Despite, ironically, the lack of heckling, which as maddening as it must be for the band is one of the things audiences — yes, me included; I am a bad, bad person — seem to expect, if only for the resulting spectacle of Falco (and Kelson; but it’s “FAL-CO” the crowds chant) verbally eviscerating the heckler. Despite, even, my idiotic insistence on being able to see what was going on over being able to hear, ever again. Yes, it was a killer show; Future Of The Left do not do things by halves.

No, wait. That’s a load a wank (except the bit about FOTL not doing things by halves). Those things do matter. But they were hardly the band’s fault. Still, I wanted more. Obviously more as in more songs (all the songs! Personally, I would have loved to hear Throwing Bricks At Trains, I Am Civil Service and/or That Damned Fly live), more gigs (it seems such a shame to fly all that way and not play at least 11 shows in Melbourne), more banter (or less tinnitus), more Future Of The Left.

I expected more, too; more from myself, definitely, when meeting the man whose (let’s face it) gibberish is afforded some kind of ridiculous weight in my playlists. But what else, exactly, I don’t know. An epiphany, maybe. Fucking Ragnarok?! Anyway, cunt of a thing, expectation. Mostly, I’m just pissed that I can’t go out and see them play live again tonight. To quote the name that must not be spoke: fuck this band… that I love so, so much.

*Although, he did ask about my brain’s health, but that’s another story.

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