The Tote: in The Thick Of It

Posted on January 24, 2010


It’s said that a week is a fuck of a long time in politics.

This time last week I was standing in a crowd of around 2000 people outside The Tote, protesting (well, I say protesting but really I was just standing around) the venue’s imminent closure at the hands of a bureaucratic joke that also threatens other live music venues — by Wednesday, barely 24 hours after The Tote shut its doors (purportedly for the last time), The Arthouse had announced it too could no longer afford to keep operating under the new regulations, and would shut up shop in May.

The Tote, 17/1/10, by Karen Brookes, posted in the Save The Tote facebook group

Liquor Licensing initially dismissed the concerns of licensees/live music fans with about the same respect afforded a Nazi* raping your pets with a claw hammer. But thanks in part to the protest, and in part to the petition that went round during the week, the government now looks to be listening.

In related news, I’ve been reacquainting myself with The Thick Of It recently, and amusing myself by re-imagining the main characters as Brumby government ministers and lackeys. In this scene, Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson is portrayed by Social Affairs minister Hugh Abbot, and Malcolm Tucker is Brumby’s enforcer, excoriating Robinson for his statements to the 7.30 Report on Monday night.

*Speaking of Nazis, Hitler meme learns the Tote is closed

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