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Dr Brown – Because

May 8, 2011


An absurd, R-rated, trip through the demented buffoonery of Dr Brown, this is not a show for the prudish or faint-hearted. Sit up the front at your own risk. Advertisements

New Art Club – Big Bag of Boom

May 7, 2011


Dancers and choreographers Tom Roden and Pete Shenton knew the rules of dance before they so effectively and hilariously broke them.

Eric’s Tales of the Sea

April 30, 2011


Although it’s certainly not a laugh-a-minute mirth fest, Eric’s Tales of the Sea is an enjoyable and poignantly amusing hour; but it’s possibly better suited to the Fringe Festival than the Comedy Festival.

Dave Bloustein – A Complete History of Western Philosophy

April 7, 2011


This is the original review copy I wrote for the AJN, which edited it down somewhat when they published it today (cos, you know, there’s this thing called ‘limited space’ when you publish is such an old-fashioned medium): Manic, warm and genial, Dave Bloustein is an utter delight. Presenting this “patchwork quilt” of Western Philosophy […]

Roger Ramjet box set

January 9, 2011


ROGER RAMJET BOX SET (Madman) “When Ramjet takes a proton pill the crooks begin to worry. They can’t escape their awful fate from proton’s mighty fury.” Ahhh, the 1960s. It was a pleasant decade (I’m told) when sex was plentiful and drugs so de rigueur that cartoons – for children! – could be made espousing […]

Get Smart – Season 1

January 17, 2009


You know how people say Star Trek foresaw the mobile phone, with the show’s communication devices? Well, did you know Get Smart predicted Apple Macintoshes? You doubt it, eh? Would you believe it inspired the brand names of Steve Jobs’ company and computers, almost 20 years before the first Apple Macintosh was released? No? How […]