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Much Ado About Something: Anonymous vs Shakespeare

August 24, 2011


Ahead of the release of Anonymous, disaster-porn director Roland Emmerich’s take on the Shakespeare authorship question – a intriguing juxtaposition partially anticipated below – I’m revisiting my interview with Mike Rubbo about his 2001 documentary on the same subject, Much Ado About Something. Advertisements

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

August 8, 2011


In light of the the News of the World scandal, I’m revisiting my interview with Robert Greenwald for his 2004 documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead

March 14, 2011


First things first, to paraphrase Julian Marsh (Dustin Hoffman’s son Jake), my initial reaction upon learning about this film’s existence was: Shakespeare & Zombies, together at last! And to quote Theo Horace/Horatio (John Ventimiglia): “NOT ZOMBIES! VAMPIRES.” Having cleared that up, the film follows theatre director Julian Marsh, who gets a job on an off-Broadway […]

Roger Ramjet box set

January 9, 2011


ROGER RAMJET BOX SET (Madman) “When Ramjet takes a proton pill the crooks begin to worry. They can’t escape their awful fate from proton’s mighty fury.” Ahhh, the 1960s. It was a pleasant decade (I’m told) when sex was plentiful and drugs so de rigueur that cartoons – for children! – could be made espousing […]

Cleopatra 2525

June 27, 2010


Season One Box Set Cleopatra (Jennifer Sky), a pouty, pneumatic blonde, goes in for a boob job in 2001 and wakes up in 2525. Humanity has been driven underground by murderous mechanical ticks (the parasites, not the marks of affirmation) called Baileys, but luckily for Cleo, fashion is still as skimpy and impractical as ever. […]


April 5, 2010


Several years ago an ex boyfriend did one of the most romantic things anybody’s ever done for me. He tore an A2 sized glossy poster of Astroboy off the wall it had been bill-posted on, and surprised me with it, to celebrate nothing more than my being a connect-the-dots child of the 80s (I lead […]

The Tote: in The Thick Of It

January 24, 2010


It’s said that a week is a fuck of a long time in politics. This time last week I was standing in a crowd of around 2000 people outside The Tote, protesting (well, I say protesting but really I was just standing around) the venue’s imminent closure at the hands of a bureaucratic joke that […]