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The Elements of F*cking Style

July 27, 2011


In making over William Stunk and EB White’s The Elements of Style for the 21st century, Chris Baker and Jacob Hansen have created more than just a helpful parody. They’ve revivified an important literary classic for a modern audience – without a single zombie, vampire or werewolf added to the text. Advertisements

Fuck Yeah Sam Rockwell Dancing

June 28, 2010


My love for Sam Rockwell is bigger than your love. I’ve been following his career since Lawn Dogs in 1997. After his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show in May 2010, lots of people suddenly realised Sam could dance. But I’ve been keeping tabs on Sam Rockwell’s dancing since the 30 or so seconds of […]

Schmidt Happens!

April 29, 2010


Native to south-eastern everywhere, neurologists (Neurologist neurologia) are naturally shy creatures who feed on physical sources of pain. Funnel-web spiders (Atrax robustus), meanwhile, are aggressive dicks that, contrary to popular opinion, are found as far north as Queensland (Hadronyche formidabilis) and as far south as Tasmania (Hadronyche pulvinator). As the name indicates, these little bastards […]